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  • Servers going offline!
    Heyho everyone,

    since about 8 years we are hosting L4D servers for free. Those who provide and care about the servers are doing this for free in their free time, even if they hardly play L4D nowadays.

    I could make a long post explaining the reasons, but in here I will keep it short: If we should keep providing stable servers, we need your help!

    There is no need to pussyfoot around, if you want to support us, you will find the "Donation-Button" on

    If you would like to know more about what is going on in -=HERO=- feel free to join us on discord.

    Thanks ;)
  • New Website Is Online
    Heyho everyone,

    as you probably have noticed, there is kinda absolutely nothing going on in our forum anymore. That doesn't mean that -HERO=- is dead, it's actually the opposite: we moved forward!

    All of our communication is now taking place in discord, in there we organize ourself, make plans, create events and and and. So discord actually pretty much replaced our good old forum. You can be sure we will always keep the backup, but none of us is using this forum actively anymore.

    Furthermore we created a new website, we would like to focus on the most important basics and keep it simple. There is no new forum, just the main information about -=HERO=- and some links.

    Aside from that we decided to change the community/clan. For sure we will always be a clan based on L4D and we will play this game until we are old and grey. But L4D is also dying with every day, so we think it's better to be open for new games and new people. We would like to be a gaming community, a group of people who consider each other as friends who like to play different games together and simply enjoy spending time together. That also means that our policy about membership is changing and we are open for new interested people.

    As you can see -=HERO=- is not dead, we just spread new seeds and start growing in other directions, too!

    If you want to get to know more about our plans, ideas and imagination of the -=HERO=- clan, feel free to visit our new website and to join our discord group:

    Best regards and cu in-game ;)
  • =Slogan=
    Heyho everyone,

    we would like to find a suitable slogan for our community. The slogan can and will be used to represent who and what we are on our platforms and we are planning to create new T-Shirts and Hoodies with this slogan, too.

    In our forum we already collected a few ideas like "-=HERO=- Surviving since 2001" and we decided to make this a competition in which you can win something!

    For the next 2 weeks we will collect the suggestions of our followers, after that there will be a vote for the best slogan and the winner will get a T-Shirt with the new slogan.

    Feel free to post your suggestions in here, our forum, steam or discord group (don't forget to mention your in-game name, so we know who you are). We're accepting only 1 suggestion from each person.

    Don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions or want to take part in this project. We're looking forward for a lot nice, cool, funny or even silly suggestions. Good luck ;)

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